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"I attended the retreat at Wisdom House and feel it was a life-changing weekend.  Thank you for all the great information." -WH

"I have been holding the idea of tone instead of music as I play for patients, and am considering how I can make familiar tunes tend towards active listening or passive depending on what is needed at the time. There is a lot to learn, and I am challenged to continue. Thanks for that." -HE

"Educators, therapists, and anyone with ears will find Joshua Leeds's work inspiring and practical as they endeavor to promote learning, performance, and well-being." - SSA

"I was so pleased with your work and the information you presented. You are on the cutting edge and your work is so impressive." -CS

"You are very calm and easy to listen to. This kept my interest the entire 2 days." -AB

"The high quality of execution and presentation is quite amazing." -SKG

"Beautifully done!" -MH

"Thank you for all your knowledge, energy and hard work - not to mention skills. You are truly helping others by providing this information." -GS

"Thank you so much. I learned loads and appreciaited all your expertise, patience, and easy-to-understand explanations." -SW

"Excellent! Thank you for helping me build a bridge to other fields of study." -MJ

Evaluations from Music for Healing and Transition Program conference held in Seattle, July '02. Joshua presented two keynote addresses:

Excellent mix of experiential, factual and inspiration.

Wish he’d been the first keynote as well. A joy!

Joshua did great job in spite of technology not supporting him – what he had prepared he was not able to present, but he was excellent anyway.

Wish we had more time with this guy!

Very focused – genuine – excellent presentation.

All this is new to me – very interesting. He is marvelous.

Very experiential, wonderful using the music to experience his point.

Great addition! Very valuable, and a privilege.

Very insightful – would like to read his book now and learn more about sound.

Leeds sparkled.

Love his energy, humor and well-informed demeanor. It doesn’t hurt that he’s good looking too!

Very interesting to learn how the “mechanics” work in creating music that heals.

Double wow! Excellent speaker – fantastic research. We can learn tons from him. I will be using much of this with my music teaching as well as clinical work.

Great personality, informative as well as entertaining. I’m challenged to discover more and spread the word as well as the music.

Funny, interesting informative.

So interesting, excellent presenter, fun.

What was not to like!

So much important information. His work is new to me. I plan on learning from him more.

Useful and inspiring information.

Perfect end to the conference! Thank you!

Great person and information for closing the conference! The Power of music to help people!

Incredible, I’m going to read all his books.

Fabulous speaker, entertaining too.

The best!

Best session of the conference.

Great ideas – I feel some seeds sprouting.

What a pleasure and thrill to learn the cutting edge thinking.

If there were a higher evaluation than excellent I would check it. Thank you!

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