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Tomatis / Sound Stimulation

In the broadest definition, sound stimulation can be defined as the excitement of the nervous system by auditory information. Sound stimulation auditory retraining narrows the focus. In this context, a precise application of electronically processed sound, through headphones, can have the effect of retraining the auditory mechanism to take in a wider spectrum of sound frequencies. An ear that cannot process tone properly is a problem of great magnitude. Sufficient auditory tonal processing is a prerequisite to normal auditory sequential processing.

Dr. Alfred Tomatis (1920-2001) is highly recognized as a pioneer in the emerging field of sound stimulation.

Dr. Alfred Tomatis
Dr. Alfred Tomatis

Listening For Wellness<br>An Introduction to the Tomatis Method<br>(Book)
Listening For Wellness
An Introduction to the Tomatis Method

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by Pierre Sollier, LFT

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When Listening Comes Alive<br>(Book)
When Listening Comes Alive

by Paul Madaule

The Power of Sound - Updated Second Edition<br>(Book & CD)
The Power of Sound - Updated Second Edition
(Book & CD)

by Joshua Leeds

The Listening Program<br>(8 CD set)
The Listening Program
(8 CD set)


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