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Through A Dog's Ear: Driving Edition (CD)<br> Music to Calm Your Dog in the Car

CD, 1 hour, 16-page booklet
Published by Sounds True
Performed by Lisa Spector, pianist
Produced by Joshua Leeds

Riding in the car can be very stressful for many dogs, and very exciting for others. In either case, this can create anxiety for the driver. You may be concerned about your dog barking, excessively panting, jumping up and down (even in a kennel), or running from window to window. A nauseous, motion-sick dog can also be a huge distraction.

Having your dog listen to twenty minutes of the special track,Travel Prep, before getting in the car, and then listening to the remaining tracks of Driving Edition during your trip, will help keep the driver alert and your dog relaxed.

What people are saying about Driving Edition...

“On the first day of listening to Through a Dog's Ear: Driving Edition, my dog started snoring in the car on the return trip! This is the first time I’d ever heard him snore. By the third drive with the music, he curled up in a more natural/normal fashion than usual (he normally has extremely odd & tense body posture in the car) and was calmer than normal when we arrived home as well. "

- S.S., San Francisco, CA

“My dog usually hates getting in the car, but after listening to Driving Edition, my dog was much calmer and obviously happier upon arrival to the agility trial site. The music really helped me as well, it was storming and hard to see but the music helped me stay calm and relaxed. I usually would have been anxious driving in such low visibility, hard wind and heavy rain but I noticed that I wasn’t “white knuckling” the steering wheel and seemed ok with driving home after a long and tiring day”

- B. McC, Pacifica, CA

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