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Sound Health / Productivity<br>(CD)

Performed by The Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble.

PRODUCTIVITY incorporates proven psychoacoustic techniques to revitalize and renew. Using a great variety of tempi to stimulate the nervous system, the process of 'sonic isometrics' is widely employed. Simple/complex melodic arrangements alternate while changing rhythmic pulses subtly produce a tension/release cycle. These 'ear-robics' are designed for a cerebral work-out. This music is lively in pace and feels great!

PRODUCTIVITY is vital and energetic. The award-winning players of the Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble perform 17 movements by Tartini, Telemann, Bach, Vivaldi, and Lawrence. High frequency orchestration includes string quintet, flute, and piccolo. This recording enhances vitality and task completion.

Suggested usage: Mood enhancement, stress reduction, energy, computer time, projects, creative endeavors, office work, and office ambience.

Produced by Richard Lawrence and Joshua Leeds, 1999.

This album was originally released under the title of "Thinking Music / Productivity."

Instrumentation: Classical chamber ensemble. 70-130 beats per minute.

1. Sunny Days Richard Lawrence [1:49]
2. Tumbling Brook from California Suite Richard Lawrence [2:15]
3. Fantasia Richard Lawrence [2:08]
4. Giocoso Richard Lawrence [2:18]
5. Variation on Sonata in A Georg Phillip Telemann [4:56]
6. Variation on Air Johann Sebastian Bach [5:28]
7. Wind Dancer Richard Lawrence [2:47]
8. Tumbling Brook form California Suite Richard Lawrence [2:14]
9. Mountain Meadow from California Suite Richard Lawrence [1:22]
10. Variation on Andante from Sonata in G Giuseppe Tartini [4:31]
11. Variation on Joie de Vivre Richard Lawrence [3:34]
12. Joie de Vivre Richard Lawrence [3:31]
13. Highland Sunset Richard Lawrence [2:33]
14. Sierra Dawn Richard Lawrence [3:15]
15. Variation on Aria from St. Matthew Passion Johann Sebastian Bach [8:51]
16. Wind Dancer Richard Lawrence [2:19]
17. Concerto for Two Trumpets in Bb Antonio Vivaldi [2:02]
18. Badinerie Johann Sebastian Bach [1:22]
TOTAL [57:00]

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