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Sound Health for Learning & Productivity<br>(5 CD set)

Performed by The Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble.

The SOUND HEALTH FOR LEARNING & PRODUCTIVITY Series consists of five integrated albums - CONCENTRATION, LEARNING, THINKING, PRODUCTIVITY, and MOTIVATION. Each recording employs scientifically-verified sound principles known to influence the brain naturally.

Research has shown that the psycho/physiologic state known as 'Body Relaxed/Mind Alert' is a fertile environment for increased mental productivity and accelerated learning. To facilitate this state, slow tempos, gentle music, and occasional nature sounds (on LEARNING) create a 'Body Relaxed' condition through the process of rhythmic entrainment. The state of 'Mind Alert' is facilitated by the high spectrum sounds of woodwinds, trumpet, and violins, harmonic-rich acoustical recordings, and subtle variations in rhythm and dynamics.

With all elements combined, these SOUND HEALTH recordings create an environment that supports clear focus and greatly enhanced concentration. All of this is done against the backdrop of the sumptuous baroque and classical compositions of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Vivaldi, Corelli, and others.

These five albums from the SOUND HEALTH Series are mental productivity tools. Each hour-long recording is designed for a specific purpose:

CONCENTRATION intensifies mental immersion

LEARNING facilitates project attentiveness and breaks habituation

THINKING creates a soothing environment for deep thought

PRODUCTIVITY energizes thought processes

MOTIVATION is a sonic stimulant and gentle activator

Each album is available individually. As a five album set however, The SOUND HEALTH FOR LEARNING & PRODUCTIVITY Series is an ideal gift for use in the classroom, office, home study, or treatment room.

Detailed information about the making of The SOUND HEALTH SERIES can be found at COMPLETE SOUND HEALTH SERIES.

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