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Sound & Therapy

A note from the instructor...

Soundwork is a natural complement to other treatment processes. Music and sound have a wide range of therapeutic applications. A case in point: Music can simply be a superficial balm, calming the nerves of anxious patients in a waiting or treatment room. In the surgical theater, however, music has proven to have a much stronger effect. In a 1999 U.K. study, specific music programs reduced the quantity of anesthesia (fentanyl) by 78%!

Some of you are medical practitioners; others look at soundwork from a psychotherapeutic vantage point. Many work with modalities falling under the rubric of holistic healing, while educators want to understand how to most effectively use sound in the classroom. Music and sound can be a simple adjunct to or a central structure in the architecture of a practice.

I believe sound is frequency medicine! This series emanates from the concept of sound as a nutrient for the nervous system. In this workshop, we study fundamental concepts of psychoacoustics, explore the emerging field of soundwork, and adapt proven principles to your practice.You will find easy-to-implement suggestions. Likewise, highly sophisticated soundworking techniques and leading sound therapies (including Tomatis sound stimulation and binaural frequencies) will be presented.

I look forward to seeing you.
- Joshua Leeds

Details of Course

An in-depth exploration of PsychoAcoustics from a therapeutic and educational vantage point:
Sound as frequency medicine
The vital importance of auditory health
The core principles of Dr. Alfred Tomatis (1920-2001)
The function of the auditory system
The interconnection of tonal processing and neurodevelopmental issues
How stress- or noise-induced auditory dysfunction may result in learning, communication, and social difficulties
Current sound stimulation techniques that retrain middle ear function
Resonance (tone) and entrainment (rhythm) for brainwave modification
Binaural beat frequencies
The effects of auditory pattern identification
Psychoacoustic music production techniques
How to create soundtracks and soundspace conducive to office ambiance, treatment application, and classroom environments.

References and resources will be abundant.

We will also listen to specialized soundtracks. Dress comfortably...
Mandatory for all students! Please bring a portable CD player (w/extra batteries) and headphones. We will be doing extensive personal listening of different sound therapies.

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