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Sound Chairs

The Sound Chairs and Sound Tables from The Center for Neuroacoustic Research (CNR) represent the most advanced, cutting-edge developments in sound healing today.

The “Perfect” design of the EZ-GAV Chair is an advanced engineering feat based on NASA designs for the astronauts of the Challenger Space Missions. The specific “ergonomic” curve of the chair exactly matches the position the body assumes when floating weightless in space. The electric controlled reclining feature swings the body gently into the “Zero-Gravity” position in which the heart is on the same plane as the bulk of the body’s mass and, therefore, has to do the least amount of work to pump blood throughout the body. This causes the cardiovascular system to go into its “Zero-Stress” Zone: The most relaxed state of the heart and nervous system.

Advanced Sound Design

The EZ-GAV Chair is equipped with special low frequency transducer technology. Transducers are not the same as the kind of speakers which come with a home stereo. They are like electronic tuning forks set to resonate and vibrate at very low frequencies - the exact low frequency ranges to which the body resonates the best through body fluid and bone conduction with sound waves. By scientifically tuning the EZ-GAV Sound Chair to these precise frequency ranges, the most dynamic experience of vibration in the body is assured. You literally “Become the Sound” and melt into the experience, until you cannot tell where your body ends and the sound vibration begins…

The transducers are arranged in a stereo configuration which best complements the design of the human body. No other Sound Chair System uses this exact mathematically configurated stereo placement. This is important, because the CNR Audio Programs are designed to play through the Sound Chair and make extensive use of 3-D Processing and different frequencies to balance the hemispheres of the brain and brainstem. We have designed the Sound Chair to specifically deliver these Audio Programs to the body in stereo, to maximize balance and integration in the central nervous system.

Enhance Holographic Body/Mind Synchronization

The Neuroacoustic Sound Chair System "Package" includes one of the Sound Chairs noted below, an impedence matched Amplifier/Receiver, a CD Changer, Speaker Wire, complementary Headphones with a volume control integrated right into the headphones wire. The headphones have a frequency response which extends below and above the range of human hearing—making sure that you hear every single sound with perfect precision. With the unique volume control switch integrated right onto the headphones wire, you have complete control of the sound volume and your listening experience. Vibration and sound moving in coordinated stereo throughout the body and the head completes the 3-D experience of melting into the sound vibration. A complementary set of the special PSI Series CDs are also part of the privately purchased Neuroacoustic Sound Chair System. With optional Pulse-driven Light Glasses the sound frequencies are directly translated into light-pulses against your closed eyes. This creates extraordinary visual kaleidoscopic images created by the sound you are feeling through the EZ-GAV Sound Chair and hearing through the headphones. This synchronizes the Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic perceptual centers in the R/L Brain and R/L Brainstem and is a powerful method for balancing and integrating the function of the central nervous system. The light glasses may be purchased through the Sound Store.

The Neuroacoustic Ergonomic Zero-Gravity Acoustic Vibration Chair System is the delivery system for a series of specially designed Audio Pograms created by Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson using specific frequencies in music for resonating the body and reducing stress in the nervous system - based on 20+ years of clinical research and thousands of patients.

There are Three Models of this attractive Neuroacoustic EZ-GAV Sound Chair:

1). The Neuroacoustic Sound Chair System - Electric Model with Australian Leather

This most popular model has an electric controlled reclining feature that gently swings your body into the "Zero-Gravity" position. The System includes an impedance-matched Stereo Set consisting of an Amplifier/Receiver and a CD Changer; Speaker wire; complementary in-line volume control headphones and a complementary set of the special PSI CDs.

Available in: Green Leather/Walnut Wood Stain Base and in Black Leather/Maple Wood Stain Base. The legs are made of Havea Brasiliensis wood - one of the hardest woods in the world, from the Brazilian Rubber Tree. The Australian leather is soft, durable and easily cleaned.

Price: $3,995.00 Plus Shipping & Handling.

2). The Neuroacoustic Sound Chair System - Manual Model with Australian Leather

This model has a hand controlled reclining feature that gently swings your body into the "Zero-Gravity" position at the touch of a finger.

Available in: Green Leather/Walnut Wood Stain Base; Black Leather/Maple Wood Stain Base; Mocha Leather/Espresso Wood Stain Base; and Ivory Leather/Natural Wood Stain Base. Again, the legs are made from the extremely hard Havea Brasiliensis wood and the leather is soft, durable and easy to clean.

Price: $3,695.00 Plus Shipping & Handling.

3). The Neuroacoustic Sound Chair System - Manual Model with Fabric covering

This model has a hand controlled reclining feature that gently swings your body into the "Zero-Gravity" position at the touch of a finger.

Available in: Camel Colored Fabric/Cross-Laminated Oak Wood Stain Base.

Price: $3,295.00 Plus Shipping & Handling

Prices can change without notice. Prices at the time or order and initial deposit will apply.

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