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Sound Health Series - Classroom Survey

Using Sound Health

In 1998 a classroom survey was conducted at two public schools in the mid-western United States. Teachers of grades Kindergarten through Six were asked to play the Learning and Concentration CD's from the Sound Health¨ Series in their classrooms. Following the use of these CD's, the teachers were asked to complete a survey providing us with their feedback concerning the use of these CD's.

School Survey Results
Sound Health CD's used with 27 classrooms with 560 students averaging 21 students per class. Here are the teacher responses...

Between these two schools, a total of 27 classrooms with 560 students, grades Kindergarten through Six, listened to Learning and Concentration..

Review of the combined responses of the 27 teachers, from the two schools, showed that:

100% of the teachers reported they enjoyed the experience of playing this music in their classroom.

An average of 70.5% reported their students were more on task

68% reported their classrooms were less noisy

48.5% reported their students were more attentive

50.5% reported their students were more productive when listening.

These teachers also indicated they felt the music was most useful when played during periods when the student engaged in writing, math, thinking, silent reading, language, and independent study. Sound Health proved to provide benefit to the students in a school setting.

Music for Concentration and Music for Learning are part of an eight CD series called Sound Health. The series contains psychoacoustically-refined classical and baroque music performed by the Arcanglos Chamber Ensemble.
Music for Concentration has an average tempo of 50-60 beats per minute and includes compositions by Bach, Vivaldi, Salieri and Albinoni.
Music for Learning also has and average tempo of 50-60 beats per minute and includes compositions by Bach, Vivaldi and Corelli in addition to sounds of nature.

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