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Sound Bodies Through Sound Therapy<br>(Book)

By Dorinne S. Davis, MA, CCC-A, FAAA, RCTC, BARA,

Did you know that there is a powerful and effective yet grossly under-utilized form of therapy available to those struggling with a wide variety of physical imbalances? That is author Dorinne S. Davis' treatise in her exceptional work that thoroughly examines the background, theory, process, and diagnostics involved in sound therapy.

Although not yet fully embraced by the traditional healthcare community, there are many variations in sound therapy, each of which has been researched and documented here. That accumulated data became the basis for Davis' own "Tree of Sound" Enhancement Therapy.

After working intensively with patients young and old who have auditory processing issues due to infection, injury, birth or advancing age, Davis now contends that one form of therapy may not be sufficient for success, and instead gratifying results can be obtained in even the most dire circumstances if several methods are used in the correct combination, hence the "tree" metaphor.

Davis distills her 35-plus years of experience, along with independent findings, and some scientific research of the workings of the brain and the ear, into a detailed, readable and entirely useful work. Although she notes that the book was written for the non-professional, the detailed information will be of interest to those in the healthcare community who work in the auditory, speech, balance and related fields.

Davis gives the professional and layperson new insight into how sound effects the whole body; the work has a mind/body/spirit focus, but she uses facts and research, and not philosopphical rambling, to make her point.

Covered here are the auditory system, sound energy, how we process sound information, and suggestions about who can be helped by which therapies.

This book is highly recommended for public and medical libraries, and will be of help to patients and therapists alike.

-Alice Barnstead (

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