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Click to enlargeSleeping Through the Rain<br>(Cass)

Composed by Matthew Sigmon and Julie Anderson. Contains Hemi-SyncŪ frequencies.

Delicate, subtle, melodic shifts ebb and flow across the border between wakefulness and sleep. Gentle rainfall helps ease you first into a state of deep relaxation and then into natural, refreshing sleep.

SLEEPING THROUGH THE RAIN is part of the MetamusicŪ Series published by Monroe Products, the commercial arm of The Monroe Institute. Metamusic is more than music. The Hemi-Sync (short for hemispheric synchronization) embedded on Metamusic tapes and CDs is a blend of frequency patterns to facilitate your listening experience. Many titles include significant elements of Alpha, Delta, and Theta frequencies to slow down mental activity and facilitate reverie and reflection, enhance and deepen meditation, expand awareness, and open doors to levels of consciousness not generally accessible. In other titles, Beta frequencies predominate to enhance focus and concentration.

The music and soundtrack on SLEEPING THROUGH THE RAIN is designed to deepen Hemi-Sync's effect by evoking moods that support contemplative brain-wave states. Musical Hemi-Sync tapes/CDs can be used in two ways: you can simply relax, listen, and enjoy the experiences that unfold or you can play the album as a soothing background while carrying out another activity. Either way, be prepared for an experiential treat.

Contains Hemi-Sync frequencies. Do not drive or operate machinery while listening to this recording.

While not imperative, headphones recommended for optimal results.

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