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Click to enlargeRhythmic Medicine<br>(Book)

Music With A Purpose

by Janalea Hoffman

Take responsibility for your own health and master the ability to harness some of the enormous power of music. Rhythmic Medicine - Music With A Purpose is full of ideas, innovative techniques, and exercises for using music to achieve healing and deep relaxation.

Join the thousands of health care professionals and individuals who successfully use Janalea Hoffman’s beautiful therapeutic music and practical techniques as a natural healing tool in their daily lives.

Discover how music can help you...

* Lower your blood pressure
* Unleash your inner power
* Improve heart arrhythmias
* Retrieve lost childhood memories
* Alleviate stress and achieve deep relaxation
* Unblock unconscious memories that are causing pain and release them
* Use songs as positive affirmations

Also available: companion audio tape "Music With A Purpose" an all music cassette specifically designed to use with exercises in the book.

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