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Applied Psychoacoustics for Musicians, Healthcare, & Education Professionals

Educators, therapists, and anyone with ears will find Joshua Leeds's work inspiring and practical as they endeavor to promote learning, performance, and well-being."
- Sheila Smith Allen, MA, OTR, BCP, Codirector of Pediatric Therapeutics, Chatham, New Jersey

"Soundwork is a natural complement to other treatment processes. Music and sound have a wide range of therapeutic applications. A case in point: Music can simply be a superficial balm, calming the nerves of anxious patients in a waiting or treatment room. In the surgical theater, however, music has proven to have a much stronger effect. In a 1999 U.K. study, specific music programs reduced the quantity of anesthesia (fentanyl) by 78%!

"Some of you are medical practitioners; others look at soundwork from a psychotherapeutic vantage point. Many work with modalities falling under the rubric of holistic healing, while educators want to understand how to most effectively use sound in the classroom. Music and sound can be a simple adjunct to or a central structure in the architecture of your practice. Either way, the understanding of therapeutic sound applications is a valuable investment of your time.

"I believe sound is frequency medicine! The Applied Psychoacoustics seminar emanates from the concept of 'sound as a nutrient for the nervous system.' In this workshop, we study fundamental concepts of psychoacoustics, explore the emerging field of soundwork, and adapt proven principles to your practice.You will find easy-to-implement suggestions. Likewise, highly sophisticated soundworking techniques and leading sound therapies (including Tomatis sound stimulation and binaural frequencies) will be presented. References and resources will be abundant.

"We will also listen to specialized soundtracks - so bring a portable CD player and a good set of headphones. Dress comfortably... interspersed with our mental inquiries, we will also move, clap, and sing as we study the power of music and sound."

- Joshua Leeds

Joshua Leeds is a sound researcher, music producer, and author of The Power of Sound and Sonic Alchemy. He is co-developer of The Listening Program, a leading Tomatis-based sound therapy, as well as 20+ recordings used in clinics and classrooms around the world.

Course date and times (San Francisco Bay Area):
To be announced. See Upcoming Seminars for additional locations.
Fees and schedules on this webpage are for San Francisco-based seminars only. (Workshop costs, sponsorship, and logistics listed on Upcoming Seminar page may differ.)

EMAIL NOTIFICATION: If you are interested in a seminar, please click on the link below and we will notify you of events as they are scheduled. Let us know your city and seminar of choice.

Course Description
The primary focus is the exploration of Psychoacoustics (the study of the effect of music and sound on the human nervous system) from a therapeutic and educational vantage point.

In this workshop we will investigate:
Sound as frequency medicine,
The vital importance of auditory health,
The core principles of Dr. Alfred Tomatis (1920-2001),
The function of the auditory system from a Tomatis vantage point,
The interconnection of tonal processing and neurodevelopmental issues,
How stress- or noise-induced auditory dysfunction may result in learning, communication, and social difficulties,
Current sound stimulation techniques that retrain middle ear function,
Resonance (tone) and entrainment (rhythm) for brainwave modification,
Binaural beat frequencies,
The effects of auditory pattern identification,
Why intentional soundspace greatly impacts any practice,
Psychoacoustic music production techniques,
How to create soundtracks and soundspace conducive to office ambience, treatment application, and classroom environments.

(Checks, Visa, and MasterCard accepted)
$195 (Early registration. Must be received 21 days prior to seminar)
$245 (Normal registration fee)

A downloadable (pdf) registration form is available for faxing or mailing. Snail-mail reg forms and further information can be obtained by calling Joshua Leeds (415.339.1392) or by emailing

Space reservation and payment can be sent to:
Sound Remedies/Seminars
1001 Bridgeway, PMB 716
Sausalito, CA 94965 USA
Fax: 415.339.0545

Cancellation/Refund Policies
There is a $25 administrative fee upon any cancellation by participant. Registration deposits are otherwise fully refundable when canceled in writing (faxes accepted) four weeks prior to the seminar start date. One-three weeks prior/50% refundable or fully transferable to another JL seminar. One week or less from start date/ tuition is transferable but not refunded.

Sound Seminars with Joshua Leeds (SSJL) reserves the right to cancel a seminar due to circumstances beyond its control. Such circumstances may include, but are not limited to, acts of God, military action, or a presenter illness. In the event of such a circumstance and decision, the extent of SSJL's liability and that of any person associated with these workshops, shall not exceed the amount paid by a participant. A complete refund of his/her deposit will be made to the respective participant within 21 days.

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