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New Product Submission is committed to distributing the finest application-specific audio products available. Our criteria for new products is simple and straight-forward:

All recordings must meet a high aesthetic standard in content and production values.

All recordings should contain a psychoacoustic substantiation or rationale.

Ethical values must be communicated in all aspects.

Any and all sonic neurotechnologies (including but not limited to binaural beat frequencies, filtration/gating, subliminal vocals, guided imagery) must be fully disclosed on all packaging. Appropriate disclaimers need also be included.

If you know of a product that you would like to bring to our attention, please alert us via email ( with artist, producer, or manufacturers contact information. Please include title, how/what you know about the program, and telephone, fax, or email contact of product owner.

If you are an artist, producer, or label, please send one copy in each available format (CD and/or cassette) to:
Sound Remedies
New Product Submission
PO Box 150326
San Rafael, CA 94915 USA

Kindly include all available printed material (see above criterion) and wholesale price list. Also include your telephone and Email address.

Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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