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Musical Massage - Collection 2<br>(3 CD set)

This outstanding collection from The Relaxation Company features soothing and sensual instrumental music created by artists of great sensitivity and depth, touching listeners with irresistible melodies and beautiful textures.

Album 1: InSide. Silvia Nakkach. Inspired by the mood of a gentle touch, these musical passages composed by pioneering sound healer Silvia Nakkach induce deep breathing and relaxation. Ambient vocals, grand piano, cello, bass, tamboura, Turkish harp, duduk, and Tibetan bells exude resonant timbres that harmonize you from the inside out.

Album 2: InTouch. Jim Oliver. Emmy award-winning performer, educator, and composer Jim Oliver has been creating music for massage and healing for over thirty years. These warm and intimate compositions for grand piano, violin, guitar, and global percussion caress your heart and breathe with the flow of your soul and spirit.

Album 3: InTune. David Darling & The Adagio Ensemble. Master cellist David Darling has once again brought together the Adagio Ensemble to create a soulful and uplifting listening collage. Elegant performances on cello, piano, wind synth, bass clarinet, guitars, English horn, and percussion form a unique and organic soundspace that is as tranquil as it is beautiful.

NOTICE: We've been notified by our primary distributor (as of 12/14/01), that this title is now out of stock. In the meantime, we will try to locate it through other distribution... but until that time, it is unfortunately not available for purchase.

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