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Musical Massage<br>(CD)

Janalea Hoffman

This music was written and performed with the idea of healing and nurturing. Instead of just listening with your ears, think of your entire body feeling the vibrations and think of the musical vibrations massaging you for a deep calming and healing effect.

Janalea Hoffman, composer, music therapist, and lecturer, started her company, Rhythmic Medicine in 1978 to explore music as a healing modality. Using the theory that the body tries to synchronize with external rhythms, she composes music at exactly 50 and 60 beats a minute to teach people how to synchronize their own heart and breathing rate to the slow, steady beat of the music. She has on going research using these musical healing concepts in clinical settings. The effect of using the specially metered music is that the person feels an empowerment over their body, including their pain, thru gaining control of their body rhythms. The music at this slow steady rate provides them a point of reference to control their own physiological states.

Instrumentation: Flute, piano, cello, viola. 62 minutes.

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