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Music for Health & Balance<br>(4 CD set)

Four Pioneers Explore Healing with Music and Sound.

The Healing Music Series from The Relaxation Company offers the works of composers who are pioneering the use of music and sound for healing and enhanced well being. Extensive notes explain the ideas behind each recording and how best to use them in your life.


• Nada Yoga: The Ancient Science of Sound, by Russill Paul
• Ayurveda: Moving In Time, by Janetta Petkus, Ph.D.
• Ah: The Healing Voice, by Silvia Nakkach M.A., M.T.
• Music For Rejuvenation, by Dr. Joseph Nagler.

Nada Yoga - The Ancient Science of Sound by Russill Paul Nada Yoga is a spiritual and healing system which evolved out of the Vedic tradition of ancient India. It developed alongside the more traditional hatha yoga system of postures and physical movements. Nada Yoga is a sophisticated system developed and proven over centuries of practice. The basis of Nada Yoga is that sound and music are a subtle but very real force which can harmonize and guide the flow of energies throughout the body. The proper music can lead toward harmony, relaxation, balance and healthfulness. To create the music on this recording, Russill Paul invented his own ten-stringed hybrid instrument called a Unitar. Bansuri flute, vocal chanting, traditional Indian drums, Sarangi, Tanpura, and nature sounds enrich this uniquely ethereal and spirited recording. The benefits of this recording can be experienced through background listening or through a more focused listening meditation. The enclosed guide includes optional meditations, which you can use to enhance your listening experience.

Ah - The Healing Voice by Silvia Nakkach M.A., M.T. The spiritual and healing power of song has been recognized by people of all cultures since the beginning of time. Whether the song is a prayerful call to spirit or a comforting nonverbal melody, the slow sounding of the voice helps to balance the human body, reduce stress, and stimulate a feeling of well being. Silvia Nakkach integrates insights from her cross-cultural investigations as a singer-composer, music therapist, and educator into a unique musical form that wanders through a combination of world instruments, cello, glass instruments, repetitive patterns, chants, and indigenous songs to create a soothing and uplifting sonic massage. As you immerse yourself in listening, you will experience sharpened focus, and heightened creativity. In addition to offering an exquisite listening experience, enclosed instructions can lead you into exploring your own voice as an instrument for self-healing. The results may include decreased muscle tension, lower blood pressure, slower pulse, and increased circulation. As the body is put at ease, more energy is available for enjoying life.

Ayurveda - Moving In Time by Janetta Petkus, Ph.D. Ayurveda is a form of healing that has been practiced in India for more than 5,000 years. Ayur means "the science of daily living," and veda means "knowing." According to Ayurveda , the key to healing is flexibility and being willing to change your habits, your state of mind, and your approach to life to achieve a more balanced state of health. Music is like life. If you stay attuned to only one type of rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, volume, gesture, form, or tempo, you are stuck in one body type or partial worldview. This recording offers is a musical model for flexibility. Instead of trying to constantly energize you or let you meditate endlessly, the music uses Ayurvedic principles of connecting with the cycles of nature to take you through a variety levels of alertness, movement, engagement, passion, joy, and rest. The more balanced you are, the more at ease you will feel toward the various challenges and stress of life. The notes contain an explanation of Ayurvedic healing and include a chart to help you figure out what "dosha" or Ayurvedic body type you are. After figuring out your body type you can use the suggested exercises while listening to the music to enhance your "flexibility" and rebalance your health. The music is played on electronic keyboard, and also uses sounds sampled from the natural world.

Music For Rejuvenation By Dr. Joseph Nagler. Rejuvenation comes from rest. Our cycles of activity and rest are part of hundreds of invisible daily rhythms of the human body. These circadian rhythms regulate all aspects of our physiology, from our blood pressure, temperature, body chemistry, brain waves, and hormone levels to our sleep patterns and more. Periods of rejuvenating rest come naturally when these circadian rhythms flow harmoniously. But when unnatural aspects of our lifestyles, like work and family stress, poor eating and sleeping habits, and environmental pollution, interfere with these cycles, real rest becomes an elusive goal. This recording is designed to emulate the tempo, rhythms, and breathing patterns of the peak rest periods of our daily rhythms. It features piano, soprano saxophone, hand-drums, trumpet, guitar, and violin along with ambient electronic textures to create an uncommon blend of sensuous, relaxing music. It is a unique opportunity to give yourself the most precious gift—time to reflect, heal, and energize. The technological breakthroughs used in this recording were originally developed for use in clinical studies at the New York University Medical Center's Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine.

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