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Click to enlargeListening For Wellness<br>An Introduction to the Tomatis Method<br>(Book)

Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis (1920 - 2001) laid the groundwork for a new multi-disciplinary science called Audio-Psycho-Phonology (APP). He discovered that "the way we listen" has a profound impact on almost all aspects of our being. Listening problems are at the origin of many problems and correcting “the way we listen” takes away the root cause of these problems.

The therapy he developed has helped children and adults with auditory processing problems, dyslexia, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, autism, and those with sensory integration and motor-skill difficulties. It has also helped adults fight depression, learn foreign languages faster, develop better communication skills, and improve both creativity and on-the-job performance. Many musicians, singers and actors also found it helpful in fine-tuning their artistic skills.

The Tomatis Method extensively uses electronically modified music by Mozart. Some people therefore call it the Mozart Effect. Tomatis has written extensively. He has written 14 books, and numerous articles. Unfortunately, only a few of his books have been translated into English.

The most complete book in English on Tomatis’ discoveries has been written by one of his students, Pierre Sollier.

Additional information on the Tomatis Method can also be found on

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