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Click to enlargeJoyful Birth<br>(Book and 2 CD set)

A Spiritual Path to Motherhood.
Meditations, Music, Journaling Exercises, and Yoga Poses for Pregnancy.

When we are pregnant, we receive an overwhelming amount of important dietary, medical, and even psychological advice. But within the tangle of doctor's visits, baby showers, and expanding waistlines, a miracle is occurring. Our bodies are giving rise to life. Our hearts are expanding till we fear they may break. The world seems both more real and less clear than ever before. Suddenly, perfectly, irrevocably, we are displaced out of the center of our own life. With gentleness, we can also explore these aspects of our pregnancy. Joyful Birth offers tools to do so.

Joyful Birth features illuminating essays from noted experts on spirituality and parenting. Also includes yoga instruction, aromatherapy suggestions, journaling exercises, and meditations, all geared toward pregnancy.

May these practices be of benefit.

Susan Piver is the founder and creative director of Padma Projects, a media company creating products that support an awakened life. She has worked with authors Andrew Weil, Thomas Moore, and others, and has created acclaimed projects about yoga, faith, compassion, and wellness.

From the Back Cover...

Meditations, Music, Journaling Exercises, and Yoga Poses for Pregnancy
Features the writing of
Anne Cushman, Riding the Waves
Jennifer Brilliant, Nurturing Your Body with Yoga
Celia Straus, Bonding with Your Baby
Acharya Judith Lief, Calming Fear
Mimi Doe, Setting Intentions.

Includes two compact discs:
Meditations for Mom and Baby: Four guided practices created especially for pregnancy
Music for New Moms: Specially composed classical music to help mom and baby bond and relax.

Includes Hardcover book ,96 pages, plus two CD's
Produced and Compiled by Susan Piver
Music produced by Joshua Leeds

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