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HOW TO USE Sound Remedies

The music and sound programs contained within the Sound Remedies Catalog are created with specific outcomes in mind. Numerous technologies have been applied to create the desired effect. All programs are clearly marked so the purchaser knows what is contained within each recording. There are no subliminal language techniques used in any of the programs.

The following symbols represent psychoacoustic sound processing or creative techniques found on some of the programs. These symbols will be found adjacent to each title.

(BBFs) Binaural beat frequencies (occassionally referred to as Hemi-Sync if provided by The Monroe Institute)

(F/G) Filtration/Gating

(V/G) Verbal guidance or imagery

Stereo headphones are recommended to achieve the maximal effect of the application of both binaural and filtration/gating technologies. With the BBFs, if earphones are not available, place stereo speakers on each side of you. If this cannot be done, do not be concerned; play the soundtracks however you can hear the sound.

Loud volume does not increase the effectiveness of the frequencies. Listening at gentle or, in some cases, barely audible volume will achieve the desired effect.

Do not listen to any recordings using binaural beat frequencies or filtration/gating when driving or operating heavy machinery. If you have a tendency towards seizures, consult your medical practitioner prior to use. While many of these recordings contribute to health, wellness, and enhancement, they are never intended to replace medical diagnosis and treatment.

Final thoughts about sound... The tenth cranial nerve (the Vagus nerve) comes from the lower brain and attaches to both sides of both ear drums. From there, it travels down, attaching to every organ in our torso (with the exception of the spleen) terminating at the anus. Consequently, every sound we hear (and many that we don't) literally vibrates each internal organ. With this understanding, the concept of "Good, good, good vibrations" takes on a whole other meaning.

We wholeheartedly subscribe to the theory put forward by the great sound researcher, Dr. Alfred Tomatis, that sound is a nutrient. With that as a primary filter, our selections are primarily organic acoustic sound. Where synthesis has been used, it is either therapeutically relevant or artistically congruent to the task at hand.

Sound Remedies endeavors to provide the finest quality in music and sound products. We invite your comments and recommendations.

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