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Click to enlargeThe Healing Musician<br>(Book & CD)

A Guide to Playing Healing Music at the Bedside

Stella Benson, CMP

This guide is for anyone who wants to play live music to the ailing at the bedside. The book takes the reader into the world of comfort care. It illustrates what musical instruments are appropriate. It suggests how to use the major principles of music: rhythm, harmony, and melody. It tells how music affects the body in five basic ways, both physiological and psychological. Expectations and behavior in the sickroom are highlighted, as well as simple communication skills in assessing patient needs. The reader will learn how music can address those suffering from pain and anxiety. For the more ambitious reader, simple modal music theory is illustrated for improvisation and exercise. Nine examples from the three music strains are included.

“Stella’s writings clarify, giving detail and definition to a complex subject.”
- Laurie Riley, CMP, co-founder, The Music for Healing and Transition Program & author of Body, Mind & Music.”

“In her book, she superbly captures the many components of providing music at the bedside, whether during transition times or mending moments...”
-Christina Tourin, Director International Harp Therapy Program.

“...this book provides the information useful for musicians who want to use their music to aid the sick and terminally ill. ...Mr. Benson is clear as to the role of this type of intervention drawing comparisons between healing harps, musical thanantology, and professional music therapy.”
-Barbara Crowe, Music Therapy Director, Arizona State University.

220 pages. Includes CD.

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