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The Healing Forces of Music<br>(Book)

Editor's Pick! Seminal book in the field!

By Randall McClellan, Ph.D.

Within The Healing Forces of Music you will find a thorough investigation of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual effects of music, the characteristics of healing music, and procedures for using music as a healing agent.

Carefully written in an eloquent, yet easy-to-understand context, Dr. McClellan takes us into basic acoustics, the process of hearing and the vibratory nature of the human body. He presents a healing method through “cymatics” (the effect of vibration on physical matter), and also systems of healing with sound, voice and mantra, Tantric therapies and the utilization of the Endocrine Gland system and Chakra energies.

Healing Forces also explores the shamanistic practices and musical cosmologies of the ancient world, the worlds of Eastern and Western classical forms, as well as contemporary resources. McClellan eloquently advocates a new philosophy of music as a transcendent experience.

Editor's note... This fabulous book has been out of print for the last few years. Just republished, we are delighted to see it available again. A must for any sound enthusiast's bookshelf!

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