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Click to enlargeEssential Sound / UPLIFTING<br>(2 CD set)

The Apollo Chamber Ensemble
Produced by Joshua Leeds

The ESSENTIAL SOUND™ Series builds on the ground breaking research of Dr. Alfred Tomatis (1920-2001). Known as the “Einstein of the ear,” Tomatis discovered the extraordinary powers of sound as a "nutrient for the nervous system." His therapeutic sound discoveries redefine modern psychoacoustics - the study of the effect of music and sound.

If you are chronically overwhelmed, overstimulated, fatigued or challenged, these specialized psychoacoustic soundtracks will help you replenish and rebalance.

UPLIFTING Increased wakefulness and focus

Inspired and inspiring, these two recordings provide gentle and measured stimulation for a fatigued nervous system. Piano solos and trios (piano, cello, and oboe/english horn) offer the right balance of high and low frequencies conducive to increased wakefulness and focus.

On a scale of 1-4, with 1 being the slowest and least complex harmonic content, UPLIFTING is a 3. Tempos are upbeat, but not too fast. Because there are many high frequencies in these recordings, UPLIFTING is effective for focus and concentration, mood enhancement, stress reduction, creative endeavors and easy rejuvenation.

Compositions are by Bach, Vivaldi, Corelli, Haydn, Mozart, Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Debussy, Chopin, Marcello, Pergolesi, Saint-Saens, (K: please insert 2 dots above e) and Beach. On the UPLIFTING Trio album, five of the soundtracks contain lovely and fun nature sounds. 60-80 beats per minute.

UPLIFTING’s inspiring soundtracks (2) are also ideal for:
Stress reduction
Mood enhancement
Creative endeavors
Office or treatment room ambience
Study and computer time
Tempos are upbeat, but not too fast - a gentle 60-80 beats per minute

The award-winning players of Apollo Ensemble, featuring the virtuoso piano of Lisa Spector, also include cello and oboe. Re-arrangements of Bach, Haydn, Marcello, Debussy, Schubert, and others provide sumptious listening and optimum effect.

Produced by Joshua Leeds, sound researcher and author of critically-acclaimed texts, including The Power of Sound. His 30+ recordings (Sound Body Sound Mind, The Sound Health Series, The Listening Program) are used in homes, offices, clinics and classrooms around the world.

Track listings


1. Brahms Intermezzo in E
2. Beethoven Sonata in Eb Menuetto 3
3. Schubert Impromptu in Gb
4. Bach Prelude in C
5. Mozart Sonata in A, Mvmt. 1
6. Haydn Sonata in D Finale
7. Haydn Sonata in F Allegro
8. Bach Prelude in E
9. Bach Partita in Bb Praeludium
10. Bach French Ste in Eb Allemande
11. Beach Dreaming from Sketches
12. Debussy Reflets dans l’eau
13. Debussy First Arabesque


1 Marcello Allegro transcribed from Cello Suite No. 3
2 Bach Aria Lento
3 Schubert Serenade
4 Corelli nature interlude
5 Corelli-Barbirolli Concerto for Oboe and Strings Sarabande (w/nature sounds)
6 Bach Arioso from Cantata No. 156 (w/nature sounds)
7 Marcello Sonata Andante
8 Mozart Sonata in C Major K. 545 Andante
9 Bach Suite in G Gigue
10 Pergolesi-Barbirolli Concerto for Oboe Andantino (w/nature sounds)
11 Saint-Saens The Swan from The Carnival of Animals (w/nature sounds)
12 Moussorgsky Meditation
13 Mozart Concerto for Oboe K. 314 Adagio non troppo

Additional ESSENTIAL SOUND recordings are also available:

CALM On these albums, the music is less complex and slower (50-70 beats per minute).


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