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Delta Sleep Sync<br>(2 Cass)

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson. Contains binaural beat frequencies.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson is among the leaders in audio research concerning sleep and stress reduction. His DELTA SLEEP SYNCH System works with the body's own brainwave frequencies, locking into them and coaxing them towards delta sleep, the deepest, most rejuvenating state of sleep

In the enclosed 12-page booklet you'll learn the details of each stage of sleep and find instructions on how to use the DELTA SLEEP SYNCH System to guide your body's own frequencies gently toward delta sleep.

Since average sleep problems are a result of prolonged stress and its effect on the body and mind, a high-tech sonic approach designed to carry the mind and body into profound stress-reduced states can have long-term beneficial effects. Dr. Thompson uses sophistocated frequency matrices to modify your mental state and resonate you into deep sleep.

Instrumentation: Two programs of soothing music and two programs of nature sounds (the forest and ocean waves).

Contains binaural beat frequencies. Do not drive or operate machinery while listening to this recording. While not imperative, headphones recommended for optimal results.

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