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The Conscious Ear: My Life of Transformation Through Listening<br>(Book)

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By Dr. Alfred Tomatis. Translated by Billie Thompson, Ph.D.
Paperback, 304 pp. 1992, 1999

The work of Alfred A. Tomatis (1920-2001), the french physician, psychologist, and educator, has had a revolutionary impact on our understanding of the ear, opening the way to a transformation of human listening and a breakthrough in the treatment of learning disorders like dyslexia. This is the first translation of his famous autobiography and is an intimate account of the life and work of an indisputable genius and a veritable Renaissance man.

"The Conscious Ear is itself an adventure in consciousness. Written with passion and precision, it is the story of a man who has pushed back the borders of human capacities, an artist and scientist of the possible, who reveals to us gifts and latencies we never knew we had. What Tomatis had done with sound and hearing is virtually a Copernican revolution in the understanding of what our human condition can be. To read this book is to enter into wonder and astonishment and to feel blessed to be living at the same time as Alfred Tomatis."
-Jean Houston, Ph.D., author of The Possible Human

Forward by Marilyn Ferguson
Preface by Don Campbell
1. Life Begins - Just!
2. Alone in Paris
3. The War
4. Occupational Deafness
5. The Fortunate Deafness of Enrico Caruso
6. An Acoustic Geography
7. Death Sentence
8. Stutterers
9. Sonic Birth
10. Laterality - It Music Be Right
11. Listening Specialist
12. Death Does Not Exist
13. A New Step
14. Conclusion Without End
Appendix A- The Authentic Tomatis Method
Appendix B - Patents held by Alfred A. Tomatis
Appendix C - Works of Alfred A. Tomatis
Appendix D - Alfred A. Tomatis
Network of N.A. Tomatis Centers
Index of Names and Subjects

Editor's note...
"If there was only one book about sound and healing to read, it would have to be The Conscious Ear. Plan on reading this book over and over again, for Dr. Tomatis lays the groundwork for the exciting new field of psychoacoustics. His stories and discoveries are deep, thought-provoking, and innovative. Soundwork doesn't get any better than this!"

- Joshua Leeds, author of The Power of Sound

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