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Click to enlargeABOUT SOUND REMEDIES is an on-line resource for music and sound programs designed with a specific outcome in mind. Special emphasis has been given to selections used by healthcare and education professionals in clinics, classrooms, offices, and homes around the world. Leading psychoacoustic techniques - including resonance (tone), entrainment (rhythm), guided imagery, filtration/gating, and binaural beat frequencies - contribute to highly effective results.

The Sound Remedies Catalog evolves from the ongoing research of Joshua Leeds. An educator and author of The Power of Sound and Sonic Alchemy, Leeds is also a highly-acclaimed producer of psychoacoustic soundtracks. Recent collaborations includeThe Sound Health Series with the Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble,The Listening Program with Advanced Brain Technologies, and Sound Body Sound Mind with Dr. Andrew Weil and Anna Wise.

As chief editor of the catalog, Joshua reviews new products on an on-going basis. If you have psychoacoustically-designed audio programs you would like to see included in Sound Remedies, further information can be found at New Product Submissions.


How To Use Sound Remedies explains equipment and different technologies used in many of the recordings.

Products consists of multiple categories of sound programs. You may place your orders directly from these pages.

Customer Service explains the order, payment, and delivery process. Orders may be placed online, by fax, phone, or mail. Contact information is available here as well.

Educational Resources includes:
Psychoacoustics, where primary sound techniques are briefly explored. With this understanding, you will be able to determine which soundtracks are most conducive to a given environment and why. Elements include: resonance, entrainment, binaural beat frequencies, filtration/gating, and auditory tonal and sequential processing.

Safe Sonics examines Noise-induced Hearing Loss, Stress-induced Auditory Dysfunction, and Sonic Responsibility.

Soundwork Links is an extensive resource of institutes, programs, schools, and commercial organizations.


After a thorough review of the marketplace, and years of exploration into the effects of music and sound on the nervous system, Sound Remedies has carefully selected products from about a dozen companies. Because "sound tools" are uncredentialed at this time, we base our choices upon effectiveness, research results, length of time in business, creative values, and production quality.

Advanced Brain Technologies (ABT). ABT combines extensive clinical experience with the latest neuroscience and music research to create programs and services used throughout the world. Based on thirty years of clinical research with thousands of individuals at the National Academy for Child Development and with experts in various fields, ABT's brain-based programs help people reach their fullest potential. ABT programs include The Sound Health Series (8 CDs of re-arranged classical compositions performed by The Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble) and The Listening Program, a music and sound program based on the work of Alfred Tomatis, M.D., designed to enhance listening skills and remediate auditory perceptual problems.

Applied Music & Sound (AMS). Director Joshua Leeds is a sound researcher, author, and music producer. AMS specializes in audio programs that enhance health, learning, and productivity. Highly sophisticated sound processing techniques (including filtration/gating or binaural frequencies) are combined with psychoacoustically-refined musical arrangements. Programs are widely distributed in the consumer, therapeutic, and education sectors. Collaborators include Andrew Weil, MD, brainwave expert Anna Wise, Louise L. Hay, The Monroe Institute, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, The Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble, and Advanced Brain Technologies.

Brain/Mind Research. Dr. Jeffrey Thompson is highly regarded as an innovative and creative sound practitioner. His 15 years work in the field of sound and health combines intriguing music, brainwave frequency patterns, and primordial sounds recognized by the deep subconscious (water, heartbeats, dolphin clicks, planetary sounds, the body's own internal sounds, and sacred instruments from Tibet and Japan).

Healing Healthcare Systems. A total healing environment respects the recovery process from the moment a patient enters the hospital or clinic, through diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care. Since 1992, Susan Mazer and Dallas Smith's Healing HealthCare Systems has been providing products and services that support healthcare organizations in implementing healing environments.

MindWorks for Children was founded by Roxanne E. Daleo, Ph.D., a health educator who teaches at Harvard University Health Services. Trained in relaxation and stress reduction techniques at the Harvard Medical School, Division of Behavioral Medicine, her work is based on extensive experience with children and adults. Dr. Daleo also studied the use of symbols for healing from the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland.

The Monroe Institute (TMI). TMI has studied the effect of sound on the human system since the mid-50's. Founded by Robert Monroe, TMI's abundant research lays the theoretical groundwork for the use of binaural frequencies as an effective means of guiding brain wave states. Hemi-Sync, a state-of-the-art auditory guidance technology, is comprised of sound pattern sequences which evoke "whole brain" functioning through synchronization of the two hemispheres of the brain. Frequencies are embedded in tracks underneath original music, verbal guidance, or non-verbal sounds. There are no hidden or subliminal messages in Hemi-Sync programs.

The Relaxation Company makes available fine music and sounds-of-nature titles that are specifically created to leave the listener feeling refreshed and renewed. They specialize in music that creates the 'relaxation response,' a key to health and well-being. Their Healing Music Series offers works by composers who are pioneering the use of music and sound for healing and enhanced well-being. Each release is accompanied by extensive notes explaining the ideas behind the recordings and how you can most effectively use them.

Rhythmic Medicine. Janalea Hoffman, a music therapist and composer, employs music, relaxation techniques, and guided imagery for emotional and physical healing. Hoffman's primary interest lies in using music to help lower heart rate and blood pressure and to help alleviate pain. She is known for developing the concepts of Musical Biofeedback, Musical Acupuncture, and music written at exactly 50 beats a minute. Janalea is the author of Rhythmic Medicine.

Transitions Music. Created by Dr. Fred Schwartz (an anesthesiologist),this company specializes in music for babies and children. Their Womb Sound Music Series combines actual womb sounds with music, soft female harmonies, and other meditative sounds. This amazing sound matrix provides a soothing, sleep-inducing environment for newborns, mothers in labor and childbirth, and children of all ages.


Most musical products distributed in retail outlets have been created primarily for entertainment. There is nothing wrong with this... the value of good entertainment goes a long way. However, the historical roots of music are firmly ensconced in the notion that music can be used as a tool for the enhancement of human function.

In the last ten years, more has been learned about the human brain then ever before. We are now coming to understand the how's and why's of the effect of music and sound on the nervous system. This emerging field, known as psychoacoustics, informs the creation of the recordings found in this catalog.

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