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Welcome To Sound-Remedies. We are an educational resource and catalog of audio programs, books, and videos addressing the intentional use of music and sound.

Sound Remedies is in a transitional period, shifting our primary focus to programs composed and/or produced by Joshua Leeds. Many wonderful items are being phased out and we are grateful for the good they bring. There will continue to be a wide assortment of books and a smaller selection of unique audio programs by innovators of note.

Learn about application-specific audio and how you and your family can use clinically-proven recordings in the home, office, clinic, or classroom. Music has always been a wonderful thing. Combining art and science, music gets even better! Now, in addition to bringing us pleasure, music and sound is used to specifically enhance our lives.

QUESTIONS? Curious about an item? Want assistance in your selections? Drop us a line and we will gladly help you.

RISK-FREE SHOPPING! We believe in our products. If an audio recording does not meet your expectation we will refund your money or replace it for you. See Customer Service for further details.

ORDER ONLINE or CALL 800-788-0949 (USA).

Best wishes,
Joshua Leeds
Sound researcher, author, music producer

Featured Specials...

The Power of Sound - Updated Second Edition<br>(Book & CD)
The Power of Sound - Updated Second Edition
(Book & CD)

Listening For Wellness<br>An Introduction to the Tomatis Method<br>(Book)
Listening For Wellness
An Introduction to the Tomatis Method

Regular price: $28.98
Sale price: $24.98
Through A Dog's Ear (Book & Starter CD)
Through A Dog's Ear (Book & Starter CD)


Regular price: $29.98
Sale price: $24.98
Goodnight, Baby -<br>Music to Soothe Your Infant to Sleep (CD)
Goodnight, Baby -
Music to Soothe Your Infant to Sleep (CD)

Calm Mama - Gentle Music for You and Your Baby-To-Be  (CD)
Calm Mama - Gentle Music for You and Your Baby-To-Be (CD)

Hemi-Sync Support for Healing
Hemi-Sync Support for Healing

Regular price: $19.98
Sale price: $15.98
The ESSENTIAL SOUND Series<br>Music for Healing & Wellness<br>(8 CD set)
Music for Healing & Wellness
(8 CD set)

Regular price: $119.98
Sale price: $89.98
Essential Sound / SOUND ASLEEP<br>(2 CD set)
Essential Sound / SOUND ASLEEP
(2 CD set)

Regular price: $29.98
Sale price: $24.98
Essential Sound / CALM<br>(2 CD set)
Essential Sound / CALM
(2 CD set)

Regular price: $29.98
Sale price: $24.98
Essential Sound / UPLIFTING<br>(2 CD set)
Essential Sound / UPLIFTING
(2 CD set)

Regular price: $29.98
Sale price: $24.98
Essential Sound / ENERGY<br>(2 CD set)
Essential Sound / ENERGY
(2 CD set)

Regular price: $29.98
Sale price: $24.98
The Sound Health Series / Complete<br>(8 CD set)
The Sound Health Series / Complete
(8 CD set)

Regular price: $127.84
Sale price: $99.98
Sound Body Sound Mind: Music for Healing<br>(CD)
Sound Body Sound Mind: Music for Healing

Relax and De-Stress (CD)
Relax and De-Stress (CD)

Increase Vitality (CD)
Increase Vitality (CD)

Gregorian Melodies I & II<br>(2-CD set)
Gregorian Melodies I & II
(2-CD set)

Regular price: $37.98
Sale price: $34.98
Transitions Womb Sounds<br>(2 CD set)
Transitions Womb Sounds
(2 CD set)

Regular price: $29.98
Sale price: $27.98
There's No Place Like Ohm<br>(CD)
There's No Place Like Ohm

Cymatics Soundscapes<br>(DVD)
Cymatics Soundscapes

Through A Dog's Ear<br>Music to Calm Your Canine Companion, Vol.1 (CD)
Through A Dog's Ear
Music to Calm Your Canine Companion, Vol.1 (CD)


Additions to the Sound-Remedies catalog: Follow this link for books, CDs, & videos representing the state-of-the-art in intentional music and sound. Most are new, others tried and true...

EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES OF NOTE: is a resource for healthcare and education professionals, as well as anyone else interested in the use of application-specific music and sound programs. While music may be entertaining, the goal of the audio recordings in this catalog is to facilitate a specific benefit. Specialized psychoacoustic techniques - including the use of resonance (tone) and entrainment (rhythm), filtration/gating, or binaural beat frequencies - contribute to highly effective results.

Recent Research in Psychoacoustic Music & Sound. View the most current published research on the effects of music and sound on human function. You will also find links to organizations and periodicals that provide abundant resources for the study of psychoacoustics.

Soundwork Links is an extensive resource of institutes, programs, schools, and commercial organizations working to create a new sound awareness. And the section on Dr. Alfred Tomatis details core principles of the man known as the Einstein of the Ear.

Intro to Binaural Frequencies. For those interested in the intriguing field of binaural beat frequencies, I've put together some in-depth information and resources that you will find of value.

Music for Babies - Music for Teenagers. Informative excerpts from
The Power of Sound that may apply to your children or those of your friends.

Therapeutic Sound Seminars with Joshua Leeds can be accessed on this website.

Sign our Email list and we'll gladly email you a copy of 21 Tips for a Healthier Sound Environment. Given the ongoing need for personal equanimity in a noisy and stressful culture, this article is informative and timely.

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